Well communities in general are people that are mostly similar. However the community i would consider part of is the community at my school International School Of Dakar. In This Community there are over 50 different nationalities. I think that there is so much difference that it brings us together and we are more understanding of one another.

I think a main role of a community is to make people feel like they belong somewhere, especially at an international school where the students might not be staying at the school for a long time so to make the student feel comfortable quickly is very key.

When i am older because of my passion of football i would like to be apart of the greatest football players community.As i think this community is greatly respected throughout the world as the work normally isn’t limited to the field they work with charities and Football school. So it would be an honor to be recognized world wide because of my talent but also the help that i will do off the field .

There are a lot of pro’s and con’s for being in a community. As sometimes a community can be filled with people as i said earlier are similar so if there is someone new that wants to be apart of that community it may be hard and they can experiences some form of ¬†bullying.

For someone who is looking to be apart of a community try and find some interest that you may share with people and that could really help

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