Things to look forward to….

So this week is Thanks Giving break .woo!! So we have $ days of school including the weekend. Furthermore and Saturday i have a soccer game against a local French school. I hope we will beat them. We have a good team however they are not bad. Next on Monday we have our first basketball game of the season. We are not ready mentally yet but we have one more training session on Wednesday to get prepared. I think its always good to stay positive and if you are not having a good day just sit and think about the positive things in your life or things that you look forward to and i am sure your day will get better. As a 9th grader, i know as i high school student things can be hard and coming from middle school were life is so much easier it can be a drag.So my message to you is when your down think positive and i am certain your day will quickly take a turn for the better

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